Poster Number Abstract Title Speaker(s)
Noise-induced Hearing Loss within a Hearing Conservation Program in a Manufacturing Company Rhodieleen Anne de la Cruz, Erasmo Gonzalo Llanes, Cesar Anthony Yabut
Implementing a National Hearing Screening Programme in Cameroon. Preliminary Results of a Pilot Project Jean Valentin Fokouo, Jean Espoir EVEHE VOKWELY, Louis Richard NJOCK, Guy Merlin Ngounou
Supporting Children with Hearing Loss in Zambia Bhavisha Parmar
Hearing Health Training Builds Capacity for Community Health Workers in the U.S. Laura Coco, Nicole Marrone, Rachel Peterson
Tuberculosis (TB) Mastoiditis: A Case Series at Red Cross Children's Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa Taseer Din, Shazia Peer
Tablet Based Hearing Screening in Nicaraguan Schoolchildren: Specificity and Strategies James Saunders, Jesse Norris, Jay Buckey, Odile Clavier, Isabelle Magro
Redesigning Community-based Healthcare – Implementation of mHealth and Tele-audiology Technology in Africa Shannon O'Leary (née Kruyt)