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10/13/2017  |   1:45 PM - 2:45 PM   |  West Ballroom at Shalala Student Services Building

Discovering Motivational causes and empowering local organisations to drive their own hearing care programs

Himalayan Health and Hearing is starting its second seven year cycle in Nepal. So many programs initiated by trekkers in the mountains and hilly little attention is paid to the dusty or monsoonal plains below. We were directed there by Karuna-Schechen, a long standing compassion in action organisation with a real eye for needs off 'the beaten track'. Would we like to support a 'Women's prolapse program'and run our hearing awareness program in parallel? So a variation from core activities became the catalyst for a primary ear care program with a medical referral stream and hearing 'machine' dispensing and maintenance. This was a desired result. Then to create the causes to maintain the result. Identify locals that can be trained. Establish a training program.Arrange for equipment to be loaned until funds raised to provide a degree of permanence.With increased awareness and tangible results for all to see...identify new targets and how they can be achieved. Identify when the 'carrot' has done it's job. Would we use a 'stick'? From a altruistic 'all without discrimination' target at the start, have we evolved? We target younger members of the community in specific school programs and they must be involved in the care of hearing aids supplied to their parents and grandparents. They are the future of their communities.

  • Identify achievable results to motivate local organisations to maintain a hearing care program
  • Identify causes in the same nature as the results
  • Lateral thinking: Join with other allied health programs for results larger than components

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lew tuck (POC,Primary Presenter), Himalayan Health & Hearing Inc.,;
lew tuck is trained as a marine engineer and audiometrist. With his wife Sue, an audiologist, he runs Whitsunday Hearing, a private hearing aid practice in the Whitsunday area of Queensland, Australia. Together they started the charity Himalayan Health & Hearing in 2010 and lew now devotes himself full-time to developing the hearing programs in Nepal and the wider Himalayan region. He is a Member of the Institution of Engineers Australia, Member of the AIMPE (Australian Institute of Marine and Power Engineers) and an Affiliate of ACAud (Australian College of Audiology). He is passionate about his role as “postman” – delivering the kindness of others to those in need, guided by the principles of compassion and equanimity.


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