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10/13/2017  |   9:10 AM - 10:10 AM   |  East Ballroom at Shalala Student Services Building

Addressing Affordability, Access and Acceptability for global hearing

Global Hearing Health Goals include developing comprehensive and effective solutions to address the 5 key A's, namely " Awareness, Acknowledgement, Access, Affordability and Acceptability" and this requires support and cooperation from both private and government sectors. With decades of hearing technology experience, World Hearing Organization Inc. (WHO Inc.) is on a mission is to address these 5 A's. It plans to address "Affordability, Acceptance, and Access" using its proprietary "hearing System on Chip" mixed signal single IC design technology which enables it to increase global Access to the highest quality hearing products at the lowest cost with easy/self-fit featured products across existing consumer medical channels such as pharmacies, MDs, mini-clinics, optic centers, etc. It's 2016 B2C (Biz-To-Consumer) clinical trials clearly proved the efficacy of WHO Inc.'s technology and products in the B2C sales model. The trial protocol was designed and conducted by Dr. Donna Carkeet and approved by professor Bu Xinkuan and with over 100 patients in China. By using 2 BTE models and standard off-the-shelf domes and tubes, the trial results showed an unprecedented 90%+ patient satisfaction rating across a wide range of hearing losses addressing Acceptability of technology. The WHO Inc. single IC, fully configurable 2-channels/2-band digitally programmable high-definition analog technology is the only available technology platform that holds the promise of reaching $50 retail prices at scale for the lowest-latency, highest audio quality products, addressing Affordability. The proven B2C efficacy of the technology and products empowers and enables Access to care via mobile hearing care screening and fitting units (creating thousands of local jobs). It plans to increase Awareness and Acknowledgment by creating secure cloud-based national patient screening platforms/systems. It has received several grants from University of Sao Paolo to accomplish these tasks. We'd like to call everyone to join us to partner and support this cause by assisting in promoting these technologies and products and platforms across global ecosystems.

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Siamak Sani (POC,Primary Presenter), World Hearing Organization Inc.,;
Mr. Sani has over 33 years of experience in executive management of start-ups and $100M public corporations in the Semiconductor and Hearing Industries. Currently, as the Founder, President and CEO for World Hearing Organization (WHO) Inc., he aspires to address the 99% unmet need of the world’s 2nd largest medical condition, hearing loss. In 2003, Mr. Sani acquired TEC Inc. and its 25 years of proprietary hearing semiconductor technologies. He founded WHO Inc. and spent the next 10 years developing highest performance affordable hearing aids, consumer audio devices and innovative distribution platforms for the personal audio and hearing consumer markets. Previously, as COO/VP of Sales and Marketing at TEC Inc., he spent 5 years directing the development, operations and marketing of the world’s leading hearing technology subsystems. Prior to joining TEC, Sani Spent the first 5 years of his career at Phillips Electronics and later moved to Xicor Inc. where during his 10+ years, he directed marketing and sales of multiple product lines with revenues over $100M. He holds a BS degree in EECS from UC Berkeley and an MS degree in Engineering Management from Santa Clara University.


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David Pither (Co-Presenter), Ears Inc,;
I have been custom making earmolds since 1976, repairing hearing aids, some manufacture of custom hearing aids and primarily audiometry and dispensing of hearing aids. Since 1989 undertaking trips to developing countries establishing earmold labs and clinics. In 1997 founding Ears Inc, a registered charity which is “dedicated to reducing the incidence and impact of hearing impairment through training and equipping local individuals and agencies in developing countries”.

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