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10/13/2017  |   5:30 PM - 7:15 PM   |  West Ballroom at Shalala Student Services Building

Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, Fifth Edition: A Special Group Sample for Deaf ASL Users

When administering tests to specific groups of individuals, it is important to understand the limitations of measures and to avoid inappropriately administering them to groups for whom they are not valid. The purpose of the present study is to propose a change in the traditional way of testing Deaf people by considering the lives they live, their shared myths, and what they’ve learned about the world. Until one can see how deaf individuals are doing on measures that are linguistically accessible, it is hard to know where item biases occur and where they are not performing similarly to hearing individuals. Therefore, the author believes that the best way to approach this change is to administer the WISC-V in ASL with deaf ASL users instead of using spoken English or relying on interpreters that are not trained to work in mental health settings. The examiner used ASL as the mode of communication while administering the WISC-V with deaf examinees who primarily use ASL. A special group sample of deaf ASL users was created. The results of the present study will inform the development of future standardized instructions of the WISC-5 in ASL. By taking this step, this study could lead to possible reduction in misdiagnosis of mental illnesses, intellectual disorders, and cognitive deficits in deaf individuals.

  • understand the limitations of measures
  • avoid inappropriately administering measures to groups for whom they are not valid
  • discuss proposed practices

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Lori Day (Co-Author), Gallaudet University,;


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Tiffany Bridgett (Primary Presenter,Co-Author), Gallaudet University,;
Born in Piney Point, MD Graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology Deaf ASL user. Was born profoundly deaf. Currently a 4th-year clinical psychology doctorate student at Gallaudet University

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