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10/14/2017  |   1:30 PM - 2:30 PM   |  East Ballroom at Shalala Student Services Building

Fellowships in Audiology

The profession of audiology is transitioning from a broad-based, diagnostic/rehabilitation profession that concentrates on providing clinical audiology services to that of a more mature, autonomous profession involved in comprehensive patient diagnosis, treatment, and management plans. As such, there is a strong need to develop structured educational programs to advance the knowledge and skills of practicing clinicians, and make these programs accessible to those clinicians who would not otherwise have access to advanced programs of study. Towards that end, we propose an Audiology Fellowship training model that can be implemented globally, supporting an increased role of the audiologist in future patient management decisions. The Audiology Fellowship model being proposed and implemented is for post-graduate professionals interested in gaining expertise towards establishing an identity as a patient-management specialist with expertise in one or more focused areas of audiology. We propose a collaborative model incorporating the current Advanced Studies Certificate Programs (Example: Cochlear Implants) and the Hands-On Workshops from Salus University Osborne College of Audiology with mentored training through selected clinical centers- of-excellence. This three-pronged approach to comprehensive education incorporates blended educational delivery models, combining a proven series of on-line and face-to-face study with new tele-audiology as well as remote and on-site interactions between the mentor and student. This Audiology Fellowship proposal is not the traditional medical fellowship model of the student relocating to work for an extended period of time within a specialized, center-of-excellence. It is a progressive and dynamic model, and can be applied internationally, in both high-resource and low-resource countries. The proposed general format is designed to allow top-tier, clinical-training sites that want to provide Audiology Fellowships. The proposed model incorporates and combines two existing programs of advanced specialization study with new locally customized and specific aspects of program delivery, within a Best-Practices framework.

  • 1. Attendees will gain an overall perspective on the need for specialization studies in Audiology.
  • 2. Attendees will gain an understanding of a post-professional Fellowship training model that includes didactic instruction, hands-on workshops and supervised clinical practicum towards acquiring comprehensive knowledge, expertise and skills.
  • 3. Attendees will be able to potentially utilize a framework for future Fellowship Programs

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Girija Sundar (POC,Primary Presenter), Salus University,;
Dr. Giri Sundar is Director of Distance Education and Assistant Professor at Salus University Osborne College of Audiology. Dr. Sundar developed the second generation online AuD-degree Bridge Program at Salus University for audiologists in the USA and international audiology community. In her current capacity, she is responsible for developing academic programs for practicing clinicians across the world and currently runs several Hybrid Programs at Salus University. Dr. Sundar had a clinical practice in Audiology and Hearing aids for over 25 years in Northern New Jersey. Dr. Sundar joined Starkey International as director of business development for the company’s entry into the Indian market from 2006-2009. Dr. Sundar was awarded a PhD and MPhil in Hearing Sciences from City University of New York, M.S. in Communication Disorders/Audiology, B.S. degree in Speech Pathology from William Patterson College, Wayne, NJ and B.A. in Social Sciences from Queen Mary’s College, Chennai, India.


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Victor Bray (Co-Presenter), Salus University,;
Dr. Victor Bray is an Associate Professor and the former dean of the Salus University Osborne College of Audiology. He received his PhD from the University of Texas at Austin, MSC in Audiology from Auburn University and BS in Biochemistry from the University of Georgia. His current research activities at Salus University include evaluating hearing instrument signal processing, the co-management of comorbidities in audiologic medicine, and the role of audiology education in the audiology professional transition process. He is a recipient of several awards including the Academy of Doctors of Audiology (ADA) David Goldstein Award “for promoting audiology’s transformation to a doctoral degree with the Au.D. as its distinctive designator,” ADA’s Joel Wernick Award “in recognition of an outstanding educational contribution within the fields of audiology and hearing science,” the Outstanding Alumnus Award from The University of Texas at Austin College of Communication for a career as an “audiology innovator and educator” and recipient of the Hearing Industries Association (HIA) volunteerism award “for dedication, expertise and effort in creating a structure that ensures the substance and the science that supports hearing aid marketing and advertising in America.”

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