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10/12/2017  |   12:30 PM - 3:30 PM   |  East Ballroom at Shalala Student Services Building

Pre-Conference Session
Tele-Audiology for Humanity

What could possibly be in common between astronauts living on the International Space Station (ISS) and people eking out a living in rural sub-Saharan Africa? It’s not just isolation that joins these two sets of seemingly contrasting faces of humanity. Ironically enough, it is access to high-quality healthcare. Tele-Audiology aims at increasing the access and quality of healthcare and at the same time reducing the costs. Unlike developed nations where the average ratio of audiologists to the general population is about 1:20,000, the ratio of audiologists to the population in the developing world could be lower than 1 for every million people. This shortage of audiological healthcare services can partly be addressed by deploying Tele-Audiology solutions to these underserved areas. Whether you are stationed in the U.S. or in South Africa, or on the space station for that matter, it is now possible to deliver advanced audiological services to isolated communities. If possible, please bring your own laptop or tablet to do remote hearing tests. Connectivity will be provided

  • Understand the technology options available to deliver cost-effective Tele-Audiology screening and diagnostic services, ranging from automated store-and-forward testing to live synchronous testing
  • Understand the infrastructure needed to deliver remote Tele-Audiology services for primary health care
  • Perform their own live, synchronous transatlantic remote consultation and hearing tests; ranging from remote Otoscopy, AC, BC, Tympanometry with reflexes and Speech audiometry

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Dirk Koekemoer (POC,Primary Presenter), eMoyo,;
The inventor of the KUDUwave Audiometer, Dirk Koekemoer, has many years of experience in health informatics as a General Practitioner, programmer, innovator and consultant to medical device and software companies. Dirk is extensively involved in the development of medical devices and software tools to automate, speed up and improve the quality of primary health care examinations in a society with too little health care resources. Dr Dirk Koekemoer is earned his MBChB from the University of Pretoria and enrolled at UNISA to obtain his BSc in Computer Science.


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