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10/27/2018  |   2:00 PM - 3:00 PM   |  Kramer Lecture Theater 3

Endoscopic Ear Surgery – A Better Answer for the Burden of Ear Disease in Africa

With the poor socio-economic circumstances in Africa, ear disease affects quite a few children in Africa. With over populated school rooms, no additional educational support and the poor patient doctor/ENT surgeon ratio one has to find the best way of helping children to hear. I believe that endoscopic surgery, as opposed to the microscope, is a better option. We will discuss this under the following headings: teaching (for ENT doctors/students/nurses) as better view, easier to teach anatomy and principles of surgery; quicker and cheaper – (more patients can be done on a theater list). It is faster as the incision is smaller, no lifting of tympano-meatal flap, less suturing material and dressing afterwards. Follow up visits also are less as chances of post-operative complications are less; safer, smaller incision, better visualization of the anatomy, HIV factor; no additional instruments needed (I do advocate using a high definition camera stack once one enters the middle ear); cholesteatoma surgery can be done safer, even if a drill is not available; anesthesia – TIVA not needed, so junior anesthetists can do lists and it is possible to do under a local.

  • Teaching
  • Better practices
  • Safer Surgery


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Estie Meyer (Primary Presenter), Groote Schuur Hospital ,;
Consultant at Groote Schuur hospital ( 2009 till present ) and Red Cross Children’s Hospital ( 2009 – 2017) Arias of interest: Endoscopic ear surgery, Vestibular problems, phonomicro surgery and Bone Anchored Hearing Aid devices Endsopic ear surgery – I have used mostly this technique since . I have done more than 100 tympanoplasties ( underlay, interlay technique) and more than 50 cholesteatoma surgeries. I do not have endoscopic ear instruments and use the “standard” otology ear set, a 4 mm scope and a HD camera system.


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