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10/27/2018  |   10:30 AM - 11:30 AM   |  Kramer Lecture Theater 3

A Blended Training Program in Africa as Part of a Systemic Change

When we look at the problems for people with hearing impairment in Africa we can identify many challenges, often with its roots in education. These are all related and therefore require a holistic and systematic approach. If we want to increase the quality of their education it is not sufficient to train teachers of the deaf if children are not identified early and if there are no possibilities for rehabilitation. If there are no recognized jobs for hearing care professionals young people tend to choose for other careers. Not one organization can change this on its own, it requires many stakeholders from different areas. With a holistic and even regional approach to train Hearing Care Technicians we expect to impact the education and wellbeing of our clients, the deaf and hard-of hearing. This training initiative will start off early 2019 in at least three East African countries and we hope that it will attract students from the wider region. The Hearing Care Technician training project is designed to be part of a greater vision on system change and development. This diploma course is built by Audiologists from Kentalis in close cooperation with experienced African professionals and training designers from the Kentalis Academy. By using a blended learning method with online learning and face-to-face education the effectivity of the program will be maximized. The local colleges will be in the lead by hosting these programs and through embedding them in their national training systems. In this way it should lead to sustainable and accepted courses for the East Africa region. Kentalis will focus on coaching and quality management.

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