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10/28/2018  |   9:30 AM - 10:30 AM   |  Kramer Lecture Theater 2

Neonatal Hearing Screening in Guatemala: A Joint Effort

Starting a neonatal screening program in Guatemala has not been easy. Fundación Sonrisas que Escuchan has been offering this service for about 8 years; however, despite all the efforts during this time, we have managed to evaluate a maximum of 250 babies per year. Having one of the highest birth rates in Latin America, Guatemala welcomes approximately 1,000 babies daily. Rotary Club learned about this challenge and helped us present a project that would allow us to start a program with greater coverage. January 2018, Rotarians for Hearing RAG (Rotarian Action Group) encouraged Guatemalan and American Rotary Clubs, Districts and the Rotary Foundation support for the early detection of babies with hearing disabilities in Guatemala was formally initiated. The program includes training, screening, diagnosis, hearing aid fitting and workshops for parents and teachers. This presentation will present a description of the support received and the first results of the data collection to date. The process of care and follow-up of the neonates examined is also presented.

  • To share Guatemala´s first data collection of neonatal hearing screening done in four cities
  • To present a successful liaison between recognised institutions, as a means to promote EHC services in LMIC.
  • To share the challenges that may be present when starting a new born hearing program without country´s legislation.


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Patricia Castellanos (POC,Primary Presenter), CBM,;
Advisor for CBM in Audiology and Education of people who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Dr. Castellanos is the founder and medical director of CEDAF – Hearing centre, in Guatemala City. She is well-known throughout Latin America as a leading expert in audiology, with over 25 years of experience in diagnosing and treating hearing loss in various settings: hospitals, clinics, schools and philanthropic foundations, for patients of all ages from newborn to elderly.


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