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10/27/2018  |   9:10 AM - 10:10 AM   |  Kramer Lecture Theater 2

An Innovative System for Improving Hearing Healthcare in the General Population

According to WHO, there are over 360 million people worldwide with a Hearing Loss. The annual growth rate is estimated to be 6% in Australia (and worldwide) and growing. The offer for audiological services does not meet the demand and the mismatch between the demand of audiological services and the capacity to deliver services is growing. The use of patient centric hearing healthcare technology in conjunction with less expensive and highly portable diagnostic equipment provides a practical solution for their patients. Training non-professionals to perform hearing tests using patient centric calibrated technology on portable diagnostic equipment (a calibrated iPad) specifically designed for this purpose. A calibrated iPad which can be used both manually or automatically. The iPad audiometer collects patient data, performs a calibrated hearing test and provides the results to the audiologist or medical practitioner in real time. It is used with standard audiometric headphones and can be calibrated to international standards. The benefits are that it will allow the audiologist or medical practitioner to triage the appropriate referral pathway for their patients and it has time saving benefits for both the audiologist or medical practitioner and patient. Data will be presented where the same patients have been tested with the new device with a conventional audiometer.

  • To become familiar with new technology in the hearing health care area
  • To reflect on the impact of the device in providing wider access to hearing assessment
  • To learn some of the features of the new device


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Philip Newall (Primary Presenter), Atune Hearing,;
Professor Newall is employed as a senior audiologist by Attune Hearing in Australia. He was involved in establishing academic programs for audiologists in the Philippines, Manila and Beijing. He is Fellow of the Audiological Society of Australia and a Fellow of the American Academy of Audiology. Philip Newall has research interests in clinical audiology, especially in the area of amplification for the severely and profoundly hearing-impaired and in the epidemiology of deafness and tinnitus. He has written more than 100 articles in scientific journals and has been a chief investigator on research grants worth over A$3 million. He has made over 130 presentations at conferences in Australia and overseas. He is an Emeritus Professor at Macquarie University, and a Conjoint Professor at the University of Newcastle, and a Professorial Fellow at the Renwick Centre in the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children in Sydney, Australia.


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Financial - Receives support from Rotary International and Attune Hearing .  

Jenny Stevens (Author), Attune Hearing,;
Jenny Stevens has worked as a Clinical Audiologist for over 25 years holding senior management roles in both the private and public health industry. Jenny is currently the CEO/Clinical Director at Attune Hearing. Attune is the largest national, private, full-service hearing organization dedicated to delivering the most accurate hearing evaluations and the most appropriate treatments for all ages. Jenny’s main area of interest is the holistic approach to patient care in audiology. As an advocate for quality improvement, patient safety, and innovation, she holds representative positions on Clinical Councils for both Audiology Australia and general medical practice, and works with the medical community to achieve better outcomes for people with hearing, tinnitus and balance related disorders. Jenny holds a Teaching Degree, a Bachelor and Master of Educational Studies, a Bachelor of Special Education and a Master of Audiological Studies from the University of Queensland.

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