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10/28/2018  |   10:45 AM - 11:30 AM   |  Kramer Lecture Theater 2

Sedation Practice for Auditory Electrophysiology

Auditory electrophysiology is part of the comprehensive test battery for diagnosis of paediatric hearing loss. With the late age of identification of hearing loss in South Africa, more children are requiring sedation for the diagnosis of the degree and type of hearing loss. To determine what medication was being used for sedation and how this was managed across the public and private sectors a survey was mailed to respondents in 3 SA provinces. Respondents were asked to indicate what medication was used for sedation during ABR testing at their department or practice. Results indicate that there is a difference in sedation medication used across provinces as well as across healthcare sectors. Medication considered to be unsafe for use in outpatient settings, as well as combinations of medications is being used. The large majority of professionals surveyed indicated that the medical personnel were supportive of sedation for audiology testing. All provinces and healthcare sectors having personnel that were supportive of audiology testing is indication of the medical recognition of the importance of paediatric audiology diagnosis. Medical personnel being supportive in this sample ensures that the child has medical care, allowing the audiologist to concentrate on obtaining thresholds for diagnosis of the hearing loss. However, the use of medication that is considered unsafe for use with outpatients is concerning for paediatric patient safety. The development of monitoring systems to ensure that safe sedation methods are being practiced is essential.

  • Understanding of Reported Practice on sedation for auditory electrophysiology
  • Understanding of the importance of sedation best practice
  • An outline of how reported sedation practice compares to best practice


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Selvarani Moodley (POC,Primary Presenter), Wits University,;
Dr Selvarani Moodley is a dual qualified speech language therapist and audiologist, with a PhD focusing on audiology. Her doctoral research was in the area of paediatric diagnostic audiology and data management, with 5 articles currently published from this research. Selvarani works as a researcher and national project manager for the HI HOPES Early Intervention programme at the Centre for Deaf Studies, University of the Witwatersrand.


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