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10/27/2018  |   9:10 AM - 10:10 AM   |  Kramer Lecture Theater 3

New Data Collection App for Hearing Loss

World Wide Hearing has developed the first app to collect data on the prevalence of hearing loss and to aggregate hearing loss data across regions. This android app is free (open-access) and enables researchers and field practitioners to gather data in real-time. The app was created to support the WHO's newly revised population-based hearing loss prevalence protocol to capture data across regions and countries in a comparable way. The app is built to enable integration with existing hearing tests in order to further optimize data collection in the field. The app also facilitates better real-time management of data collection and projects. It enables researchers and field workers to track their progress and follow up more effectively. The ultimate objective is to facilitate research, provide statistics for decision-makers, and facilitate world-scale interventions to tackle hearing loss. Current Barriers to Data Access: a) Lack of prevalence data worldwide––lack of such data presents a barrier to awareness, policy-making, and development of appropriate, targeted interventions, particularly in lower and middle-income countries; b) Hearing diagnostic and screening devices capture data locally, in silos; having limited or no connection to the Cloud; c) No data aggregation within countries; d) No data aggregation across countries and devices; and e) No standard protocols for capturing and uploading hearing-loss data. The app is a first step in addressing these barriers and in creating a truly Global Hearing Loss Database. Information on how to access the app will be shared during the presentation and everyone will be invited to use the app.

  • Current barriers to data collection in the field
  • How the hearing loss data collection app addresses these barriers
  • How the hearing loss community can benefit from this open-access app

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Youla Pompilus-Touré (Primary Presenter), World Wide Hearing Foundation International,;
Youla Pompilus-Toure oversees the portfolio of international projects at World Wide Hearing. Prior to joining World Wide Hearing, she built an expertise enhancing organizational capacity to engage with vulnerable populations. For the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, CARE International, UNICEF and others, Youla led programs to protect human rights and provided guidance to improve the quality and accountability of humanitarian programming. She has worked in Turkey, Madagascar, Haiti, Burundi and Bolivia. She has also conducted advocacy at the United Nations to mobilize support on issues of post-conflict peace-building and gender-based violence. Youla holds an M.A. in Conflict Resolution from the University of Bradford, where she was a Rotary World Peace Fellow, and a Bachelor of Commerce from McGill University.


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