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10/28/2018  |   10:45 AM - 11:30 AM   |  Kramer Lecture Theater 3

Hearing Loss in Infants Affected with ZIKA Virus; The Puerto Rico Experience

Pediatric patients infected with ZIKA virus are at risk of birth defects including inner ear, auditory processing problems and communication disorders. The present study will focus on presenting a literature review addressing the evidence linking ZIKA and auditory problems, peripheral as well as central. The epidemiology of ZIKA in Puerto Rico will also be discussed presenting statistics of infants born to infected mothers. Cases of normocephalic as well as microcephalic Puetorrican children infected with ZIKA diagnosed with hearing loss will be presented. Preventive measures taken by the government of Puerto Rico as well as the protocols developed following CDC guidelines will be also discussed.

  • Demonstrate the statistic profile of ZIKA infection in Puerto Rico to the participants.
  • Analyze the implications of ZIKA infection on infants hearing, auditory processing and communication.
  • Discuss the Puerto Rico Health Department policy and protocols developed to manage pediatric patients infected with ZIKA virus.

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Soami Santiago De Snyder, Ph.D (POC,Primary Presenter), UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO,;
The presenter has been an academician for 23 years. Most of her work has been associated to the Medical Sciences Campus of the University of Puerto Rico. Is a member of the Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Board of the Common Wealth of Puerto Rico. Served also in the American Academy of Audiology Multicultural Committee and was president of the PR Academy of Audiology as well as member of other national and international committes. Presently is a technical advisor in hearing health to Head Start programs in Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands and colaborates with the Ronald Mac Donald Foundation. Areas of interest are balance disoders, APD and the effects of Sistemic Diseases in both the Auditory and the Balance systems. Currently Dr. Santiago de Snyder is the president of the Puerto Rican Organization of professionals in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology (OPPHLA).


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Wanda Lugo Velez, Au.D (Co-Presenter), UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO,;
Doctor Lugo is a professor and the Clinical Coordinator of the Doctoral Program in Audiology at the Medical Sciences Campus Of the University of Puerto Rico. She is a member of the Licensing Board of the Puerto Rico Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, and of the Universal Neonatal Hearing Screening of the Commonwealth of PR. Doctor Lugo also served as the Secretary of the PR Academy of Audiology as well as in other professional committees.

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